Semester 2 Notes

2. Timothy O’Sullivan

Full frame: everything in the negative is important to the image

3. selective focus: two subjects at two different planes

-2 pictures, same exposure, 2 different points of critical focus, same scene, focus and compose the same scene, best results in the shade

4. Eugene Aget

-same scene, same point of focus, 2 extreme equivalent exposures, best in classroom

Equivalent exposure example: f:16 @2 or f:2.8@60

5. 2 prints: harsh light, soft light

-same subject, direct sunlight, shade

Paul Strand

6. 2 vignettes

-2 different subjects, portraits of people with lots of hair work best, printing part of the subject, none of the background will show up

Robert Fenton

7. Edward Weston

-black subject, black background, white subject, white background, under same lighting conditions, different exposures

8. burning in before and after

-making part of the print darker

9. Creativity

-2 pictures of glass, work with light and angles, glass=subject, best of transparent glass, how light hits glass, be careful with backgrounds

10. silhouettes

Silhouette: capturing the outline of a subject by exposing for the light in the background

-2 hours after sunrise, 2 hours after sunset, f:16@250 f:16@500

-2 different subjects

11. Margaret Cameron

-best with 2 lights at 45’ angle to the subject, 3rd light on hair, plain background

-F:8@60, 2 different subjects

12. Still life: 3 objects or more, placed together to convey a meaning

Architecture: no “normal homes”, structure that has impact

Available light: light that comes in from a door, window, or other source into a dark room, f:4 @ 60

13. 2 prints of texture

-image that gives the feeling it can be touched(tree bark), strong cross light, 2 different subjects

Edward Steichen

14. Arnold Newman

-photo that gives a sense of depth, repeating objects of same size (picket fences, long winding road)

15. Water is the subject, 2 different examples

-not in a container, extreme light f:8 @500 f:8 @1000

16. 2 posed groups- 3 people or more, 2 different groups

-careful with background, most pleasant in shade, dynamic poses work best

Gordon Parks

17. 2 urban/city scenes, shows how city operates

-1-3 hours between sunset, f:16@250

18. Final critique- 2 8x10 prints